Lunos fans come in a pair and provide continuous heat recovery ventilation without duct work. Operated and wired in groups of 2 or 4, these are installed directly. A LUNOS e2 pair operates in a similar fashion to our lungs, allowing a building to breath in and out providing fresh air to the inhabitants but with the added. Our core competence lies in a controlled domestic ventilation. These customized solutions are required! LUNOS ventilation systems create demand controlled.

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Galway, Ireland H91 X There are no reviews for this product. Step 1 – Energy Modeling.

Regulated ventilation with e² with heat recovery

Available in long for walls ” deep or short for walls 7. With the help of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes it has been possible to develop a compact heat exchanger from a ceramic composite material which supplies a thermal efficiency factor of approx. The cabling is effected directly from the control which is installed in the appertaining flush mount patters. Creating a very quiet heat recovery ventilation system without the need for ducts and balancing, with specific fan efficiency that is second to none.

For highly-efficient and healthy buildings.

The e 2 operates according to the known principle of regenerative heat exchange which has almost been developed to perfection by the company LUNOS. Material packages to incorporate air-tightness, VOC-free insulation, and a fresh air system into any Tiny Home. Because the units are independent, in the unlikely event that one unit 2e, the other units in the team will have you covered.

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Lunos e2 ERV & Fan Unit

Efficient filters are just as important. By a reversing airflow, which results for the targeted change of direction of the fan, the ceramics are charged with heat-energy that is offloaded into the room air and discharged again to the air added from outdoors. Thankfully, buildings in Australia are finally becoming better insulated and much more airtight than they used to be.

Input port for addition of external switching. To achieve this, customer-oriented solutions are essential!

The e 2 is either installed in a new building with the help of a wall recess casing position between the stones, or subsequently, e. LUNOS e go units work well alone in smaller, wetter areas.

Once again new standards set in matters noise. Among the smallest decentralised ERV fans in lnos world. Show your clients building performance during design phase.

LUNOS Ventilation Systems Ireland | clean and hygienic ventilation

LUNOS provides more than living comfort. Allergy patients can take a deep breath, pollen and airborne particles can no longer enter the living areas. Lunos e2 – 1 pair with rotary switch based on 0 reviews Regular price: LUNOS decentralized ulnos systems provide clean fresh air to all rooms in the e. Installation is straight forward with no complicated ducting or centralized units to install, saving time and money.


Electric Fans 9th Edition.

Lunos fans come in a pair and provide continuous heat recovery ventilation without duct work. ERV provides clean, filtered air; whilst discharging stale air and toxic gases; and maintaining optimal indoor comfort levels, all year around. Standard sound pressure difference Dn,W,open. Maximum four fans two pairs can be wired to one controller.

The typical Lunos installation costs pennies a day to operate with minimal maintenance. Decentralised Energy Recovery Ventilation Easy installation. The Punos of Decentralised non-ducted Ventilation. Operated and wired in groups of 2 or 4, these are installed directly in the exterior walls.

Degree of efficiency up to With a specific fan power of 0. Our core competence lies in regulated ventilation in the home.

Durch die Nutzung von lunos. After a set time period usually 90 secondsthe units both reverse their cycle and swap their roles. R2 rate with heat recovery. Canadian customers, please contact ecogenia for assistance.