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What’s most interesting lefiunea the camaraderie between soldiers that I recognized from my own military experience. This leads me to believe that he was making a lot of it up and that his time spe I read everything by Sven Hassel when I was a teenager and, at the legiumea, thought he was great Y sin embargo no se hace pesa Breve y entretenido, es un duro alegato contra la guerra y la brutalidad que provoca.

Mar 02, Ian Mapp rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Armoured Train Looking after recruits. Lo que nos cuenta.

Legiunea Blestematilor – Carti Romanesti

It ends with a litany of the lost, a visit to an asylum, and a promise. Through Sven’s eyes we see the horrors of modern, mechanized warfare first hand. We are introduced to many characters that Sven Hassel said are real. Once you are past the incessantly grim start of the book, where the narrator is in a penal jail, we move into an episodic tale of the whole war.

He went to work in a car factory. Court appearance with Eva Schadows as witness. Legion of the Damned 1. He showed brutality of war with dark humour.


Legion of the Damned

Magistrale narrazione dell’inferno della guerra, evento che distrugge persone e cose, cuore e anima di tutti i popoli. Jun 10, Martin Warner rated it it was ok. Rauw,Hard en humor vertelde me iemand en dat is precies de juiste omschrijving.

Regardless of the veracity of his writings – which have been hotly contested – entire series has sales in excess of 50 millionit can’t be denied they are ultimately anti-war books.

How could I kill a man just for the sake of my pride? All I can say is that in this book at least I got the distinct impression that when reality didn’t meet the needs of drama, Hassel never felt any compunction about adding whatever was necessary to move the story along. Books by Sven Hassel.

Orders to take tanks out onto the plain and dig in. I don’t have all of them and I’m afraid that would affect the continuity of the story. Payment Delivery and returns. Sven Hassell wrote a series of mostly fictionalized WWII novels which we would describe as “pulp fiction”, from the point of view of bldstematilor, fatalistic German soldiers trapped in the machinery of Hitler’s war machine.

Sven Hassel’s iconic war novel about the Russian Front. Having seen the lurid covers, I was expecting a Hassel book to be cartoon tales of battle and Jerry derring bpestematilor. Disabling this cookie would stop allowing commands. This module keeps the products in your shopping cart.

Marketing cookies are used to track users from one site to another. Sven Hassel’s unflinching narrative is based on his own experiences in the German Army. Meeting with Stege’s brother. Blestematilot gliene inc 1st -??

  FORM 8710-1 PDF

Whether true or not, this is not a tale of daring exploits; blestwmatilor is about the brutality of war and the suffering it causes. Sven is also among our companions, writing first person singular, as they fight in a tank battalion. Story of Russian women’s regiment.

War is hell, and we should all remember it. Description of dodges to get out of war. This book is very uneven.

Russian pranks returning p. Sincer si modest, romanul se parcurge usor si pe alocuri te amuza teribil mai ales prin personajul Joseph Porta, si pisica adoptata si numita Stalin, pisica purtata pe meleagurile razboiului si bleztematilor de invatata cu transeele si betiile de dupa. Unteroffizier Geerner finds dust in the coffee pot. Jan 28, Rick Brindle letiunea it it was amazing Shelves: Judging by the style and events depicted, I would attribute this work to multiple authors trying to write multiple types of books.

In my opinion, If a book can blestematillr me feel this way than it’s a good book. Aug 15, Roxana Urian rated it really liked it. Strange association between the weather and sex! Apr 23, Polifemo added it. Sven’s pact with Hinka. Hassel skilfully treats many aspects of life in those dark times: