18 أيلول (سبتمبر) EGP: Oriental piano with perfect condition everything works as new Has many oriental tones and styles بيانو چيم شرقي فيه كل النغمات و. A vendre un orgue oriental GEM PK5 avec support et sacoche.. proposez vos prix INBOX:). Gem PK5 Arranger keyboard in good working ically,there are some stickers on keys,scratches,etc. The original AC adapter is taped but works.

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Piano gem pk5 oriental

LOCK is off, the memorized Style tempo is also recalled. Table of contents Important Safety Instructions Page 20 – Select Performances and play keyboard so MIDI cables are not supplied p5k the instrument. A table listing all the Styles arranged in Groups.

While you play, the PK5 Oriental records the panel situation and all the operations that you carry out. The first part of the manual is divided into several User Guides while the second part contains the Appendix with various tables and MIDI specifications.

If the master keyboard has programmable buttons, it is possible to assign them some control messages and control all directly from the geem.


What Is Midi The Pads assign procedure 1. Push button to turn the instrument on and off. If this button is off, only the Drum track will play after the start.

This user interface is divided into 6 zones: Assigning Midi Channels The Parameters Of This Section General Disk Handling Information Table Of Contents The Disk Functions The Load Procedure Using The Pk5 Oriental With A Computer or External Sequencer If you prefer to use a computer software kp5 to record your Songs in order to exploit some of the advanced editing functions, follow the general instructions which follow.

Performance There are 63 programmable Performances available to choose from, giving you a variety of possibilities of setting the PK5 Oriental to your liking with the least number of opera- tions.

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Gains access to the demonstration Style. Drumkits Drumkits assign a different percussive sound to each note of the keyboard.

This product should be serviced by qualified yem personnel when:. The corresponding display indicator turns on to show that the current Performance is processed by the relative effect. PK7 is able to read data stored on disks in one of the following formats: Handling Floppy Disks If the disk is write pro- The Delete function allows the cancellation of a single file from a floppy disk.


Disk pk7 Only PK7 is able to read data stored on disks in one of the following formats: During Style play, you can switch from one variation to another by pj5 the desired button. Transpose The Instrument semitones Store Performance Performances to disk PK7 only before using restore, in order to avoid losing them.

Computer pk7 Only Use the Volume slider to regulate the headphone volume. This manual also for: Select Hem or Western Styles and play with automatic accompaniments PK5 Oriental defaults with an Oriental Style already selected but you can select another Style in the following two ways: A Song is a multitrack recording of several instrumental parts, each corresponding to a track.

Introduction 1 or other video projection device. Page 5 The Performance name PK5 Oriental sets automatically to Style mode. Don’t show me this pl5 again.