Pierre Capretz’s proven language-immersion method is presented within a An introduction to French in Action: its creation, its components, and its functioning. During the s, Pierre Capretz, a Yale professor, developed French in Action, a French immersion program that featured textbooks. Since it was first published, French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture—The Capretz Method has been widely recognized in the field as a.

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Physical Characteristics I Reality and appearance; describing oneself; talking about sports. This is the only program in English; the others are entirely in French. Such were my first high school impressions, in andof the video pedagogy of French in Actionthe language course cum TV series that taught me cappretz millions of other Americans the rudiments of the Francophone lifestyle. At the moment, I need Lesson 47 and A Library of Classroom Practices. Food and Drink I Talking about food and drink; ordering in a restaurant; thanking hosts.

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Mourning Pierre Capretz

Can anyone tell me where to find the documents needed to do some exercises? August 18, at 3: The New York Times.

Education III Identification and description; talking about occupations; talking back; excusing oneself; expressing incredulity. Some of the sources for French TV and movie clips [8]. February 24, at 7: The French in Action Reunion. Follow him on Twitter: One of the foundations of French in Action is that translating can be a waste of time.


And yet he insisted on wearing that horrible Yale T-shirt everywhere …. For instance, you will learn all about transportation in France, something that you will need!!!

French in Action 01 – video dailymotion

Geography and Tourism I Talking about countries and regions; exaggerating; confirming; insisting; expressing perplexity. Habitat IV Asking one’s way; talking about housing; protesting; expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Getting and Spending IV Talking about money; buying and selling; announcing good and bad news; expressing indifference; talking about good and bad luck; expressing preference.

Inthree female students at Yale University filed a grievance claiming that the university’s introductory French course was sexist in its use of the French in Action television series. With the exception of a brief English language introduction at the beginning of each episode, the series is conducted entirely in French.

A couple of episodes generated a little controversywe should note. Robert was in Paris not to chase tail but to learn the language, to become a citoyen du monde.

Will she and Robert ever stop talking about Hemingway? Getting and Spending II Talking about money; buying and selling; announcing good and bad news; expressing indifference; talking about good and bad luck; expressing preference. December 14, at An Introduction to Spanish. The Textbook and workbook do skip a fair amount of the material in the program. Therefore, the meanings are either ambiguous or wrongly understood words in French that look acgion words in English but have totally different meanings.


French in Action 01

February 8, at Until World War I, in the fancier schools, Latin was taught as something spoken and speakable, best accessed especially in ib realm of poetry via tongue and ear.

February 24, at 6: November 19, at 4: May 20, at 7: Numbers ; avoir; avoir in expressions of age; ne And each 30 minute episode provides a context for learning new words and expressions.

The show is conducted entirely in French. November 7, at cspretz Negative infinitive; imperatives and pronouns. Describing Others I Describing others; talking about games; expressing agreement and disagreement; talking about time; talking about the weather.

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I Just want to download individual chapters, as I was able to do on my earlier Microsoft computer now defunct. Kinship Talking about family relationships; asking the identity of people and things.

The best thing about French in Action is that it is authentic French, and also that it gives you all the necessary tools to actually go to France, as I did, and talk intelligently. WordPress Hashcash needs javascript to work, but your browser has javascript disabled. The you can view the videos even if you are outside U.