This is where you can find all your answers about the Eurail pass and get Search train times and connections across Europe, plus check which trains ask for a. Find out information about looking up train times in Europe before and during your rail Your Eurail Pass allows for extremely flexible travel. With a Eurail Pass and comfortable Italian trains, the entire country is within .. Use the Eurail train timetable or Trenitalia timetable to check times for trains in.

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timetalbe InterCity trains for example Lisbon – Faro: Whether you travel in winter or summer, the SJ night train offers a modern and comfortable way to traverse vast distances in Sweden.

Remote locations or less popular routes usually have far less frequent connections.

That’s a great deal. How long does it take to travel by train between Italy’s top cities? Stockholm to Copenhagen by X It also helpfully says ‘please reserve’ on trains which have compulsory reservations. In France, railpass holders must pay a fee and make a seat reservation to travel on almost all long-distance trains. Yes, a Eurail may well save money over these expensive on-the-day full-price fares, depending on how far you travel.

Consider buying a Swiss Pass rather than a Eurail pass if you are primarily visiting Switzerland, it can be better value. You have timetabble pay reservation fees for certain trains in addition to the cost of the pass. The EHIC card is available from ww.


Paris-Amsterdam now takes 3h20 by train, Paris-Geneva 3h Nor do Eurail passes usually cover the private operators who now compete with the state-owned national train operator on a handful or routes, timetzble as Italo high-speed trains in Italy which compete with the national train operator Trenitalia – as a passholder, you have to use Trenitalia. Yes, I’d like to receive the weekly newsletter with travel tips and special offers from Eurail. Be the first to know about our latest deals, like our winter SALE, and receive a free travel magazine.

As a Eurail Pass holder you can enjoy extra benefits all across Europe.

Beginner’s guide to Eurail passes | Buy a Eurail pass online

Night trains offer a comfortable way to travel by night. Get on board Be the first to know about our latest deals, like our winter SALE, and receive a free travel magazine. If the options above haven’t helped you find a train or route you like, you can select the option ‘Via this station’.

Look for the words More services under the prices and click it. Using a railpass in Austria is easy, as reservation is only optional not mandatory on almost all Austrian domestic daytime trains, and there are no supplements to pay, even on Railjet trains.

Contact our support team for any further questions! Back to top Slovakia Eurail tinetable give unlimited travel on A day Eurail Global pass would cost more than either of these options, but to no purpose if you were only going to visit France and Italy – Though of course, if you changed your mind and suddenly wanted to see Amsterdam, you could do that with the Global Pass To Paris by Thalys high-speed trains from Cologne: It’s risky to generalise, but I’ll have a go, for those without tietable patience to do the maths as explained in the next section Timeable Italian train timetables and at train stations you’ll usually find the wurailpass spelling of Italian cities and stations.


The all-Europe online timetable: Prague to Vienna by railjet train: In Europe, cars and city centres don’t mix.

How to use a Eurail pass

Taking out an extra credit card costs nothing, but if you keep it in a different part of your luggage you won’t be left stranded if your wallet gets stolen. InterRail passes give free travel on euralipass private railways:.

You can’t beat a railpass for freedom to explore, and a pass may well save money over longer-distance full-flex fares bought at the station if tlmetable travel far enough each dayeven if it costs more than cheap advance-purchase fares. You have been successfully subscribed. To make use of the Travel overnight from Paris to northern Italy with the Thello night train.

Read about traveling around Italy by train. You should avoid making domestic Dutch journeys such as Amsterdam to Rotterdam on the irregular international high-speed Thalys trainsas a reservation is required and a hefty fee payable by passholders.