hide and seek imogen heap solo guitar by antoine dufour. VIEW ON YOUTUBE. To our Riffstation community, While we work with labels and publishers on a. Here’s another great instrumental cover (not of Hide and Seek) . This is one of my favorites from Antoine Dufour, he seems like such a fun guy. Hide And Seek by Antoine Dufour. Here are the most popular versions Guitar tabs. Chords and tabs aggregator –

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Hide and Seek acoustic guitar cover by Antoine Dufour. : videos

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Failure to do so may result in a ban. Hide and Seek acoustic guitar cover by Antoine Dufour. Have you seen his cover of Don Ross Dracula and friends? I love that song. I’m a fan of his label, Candyrattoo.


Check out Andy Mckee and Don Ross if you like this. And here is what it would sound like with Imogen Heap’s version synced up. This is what just Imogene and her vocoder sound like. Both versions are great because they’re so clear, each note distinct.

Together it’s just mush. Ive been trying for the past hour to play this on my guitar. Im coming to the realization that I dont have nearly enough talent to do it. You can make most acoustics sound decent with a nice set of good strings I only put light gauge elixur strings on my Takamine G series. It definitely doesnt sound as good as my Taylor should have never sold that guitar but it still sounds pretty good!

I was making the unfair assumption that we can’t play as well as the dude doing the cover, therefore not sound as good. I use the light gauge because the Takamine doesnt have the greatest action in the world.

I find it odd that this link starts after the piece has begun. But yes, this is a beautiful cover. I especially like how just as the original artist sewk he varies the decay times at the end of the passages.

The reverb that went from immense to non-existant was a subtle touch that I really admired about the original. This is so coo– Eh Is that a thumb pick? Seeek and seek is one of my favorite songs by Imogen. Here’s another great instrumental cover not of Hide and Seek http: Same girl except playing with a band instead of being solo.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that plays with a pick in my mouth even when the whole song is finger picking.

Hide and Seek by Antoine Dufour – Samples, Covers and Remixes | WhoSampled

Stuff like this makes me even angrier that things like this exist. Seeek is an art. People genuinely like the music you linked to. That doesn’t make them lesser people and it doesn’t make the song a lesser art, it’s just target towards people who are looking atoine something different from the art that we are. Ok, don’t get me wrong, I am not mad at the people for liking it, nor am I claiming that it is a lesser form of art. I don’t even care that he sampled another song, I personally love hip hop and if you can creatively use a sample, more power to you.

The problem zeek in that he completely missed the point and tone of the thing he was sampling. Listen to the Derulo song and see how he takes the meaning abd the chorus. It doesn’t make any sense, and it makes him come off as, well, dumb. What I am trying to say is, when you sample a bit of music, hdie can tinker with the emotion and meaning of it by how you frame it, lyrics are different.

She had an intended meaning, and he used the complete opposite. Just because it is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it is good. As an graphic artist myself I see this in others and struggle with it personally. In this case he sampled the catchy part of her song. What pisses me off most about this particular sample is that it isn’t his dufoud at all. It is her really well written song with his talentless sound all over duforu. If people want to like it, fine, but I also wish they could listen to Hide and Seek and feel that it is well written and performed, in comparison.


My experiences with those who have heard Derulo’s version first then listen to Heap’s have been filled with negativity and comments like “What the hell is this. I just genuinely don’t see how you especially-being an artist can’t find beauty in the fact that people like such vastly different things, and that the same exact piece of art can be flipped around to mean something completely different, and reach an entirely new crowd because of it.

Hide and Seek

I am going to throw on my art snob hat and say that, sure, it is beautiful if you want it to be, that is how art works. However I think you were missing my point, that entirely new crowd doesn’t even know who Imogen Heap is.

Most will never know that he sampled it and that is what frustrates me. The name of the song isn’t even his, it is all her. I know she let him sample it, and she says she is happy with it, so I guess I should let my frustrations with it go. I adore Imogen Heap. Saw her at the Royal Albert Hall last year conducting an orchestra and then an entire concert.

The musical talent that woman has is out of this world. His version is just as amazing. Wow, I’d never even heard of her until this Looks like I’ve got me a back catalogue to get stuck into! Seeing this played on guitar makes me appreciate what an excellently written song this is. It must be frustrating to have to top that after your first album.

Saw this a couple of months ago. Most of his other songs are great too. All the artists on the CandyRat record label are really amazing if you are into instrumental music. Antoine is one of the few guitarists that do this style well.

There are plenty that are very skilled most notably Andy McKee perhapsbut Antoine is definitely one of the better when it comes to writing music. I’m partial to this cover of Hide and Seek, but mostly because Matt’s one of my favorite people in the world: This got to the front page?

Sure, he’s got amazing technique, but it’s just not that good. Trilogie by Antoine Dufour is fantastic.

The intro has just an unbelievable melody. I think its beautiful. Later in the song it gets dark but the intro alone makes the song for me at least. I’m going to try looking at my guitar like I’m scolding it and see if it makes it sound any better.